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A committed athlete is a fast athlete. 

Training starts at two evenings a week for beginners...

Training Guide

Training Information

Please note - the ages shown are a guide only. Many factors influence a coach when selecting a session suitable for an individual swimmer.


All members shall swim a minimum of 3 sessions per week, with the following exceptions:


  • 7 to 9 year olds may swim 2 sessions per week

  • Masters swim on Saturday morning only

  • New swimmers may start on 1 or 2 sessions per week at the discretion of the head coach, with their coach advising when they are ready to increase to 3 sessions per week.


Due to space restrictions and swimmer ability, ALL SESSIONS ARE BY INVITIATION ONLY.  Please discuss details with your coach.

Download Training Schedule:

Undewater Swimmer



and Masters

Group: 1,2

Time: 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Gala Schedule

Counties Feb 2022

Gala Information

As a member of a competitive club you will be expected to swim if you have been selected to represent Lichfield Swimming Club at a Gala and you will be advised via email by the our club administration team. The club and gala team depend on the attendance of all selected swimmers, so if you have any doubt or concerns about attending please inform the club at the earliest opportunity


All selected swimmers will be expected to swim in multiple discipline event, the following offers some guidance to typical galas held:


  • Swimmers will remain with the team ​on poolside throughout the entire event. They will not be allowed to leave poolside unless ​there is an emergency.

  • The club provides chaperones to look after the welfare of your swimmer during the event and to ensure they attend the right race at the right time! 

  • Mobile phones are not permitted at most venues due to safeguarding legislation. The Team Manager will have family contact information if there is an emergency. 

  • Provide your swimmer with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for the duration of the event.


In order to support the team we ask all swimmers to remain ​on poolside until the gala has finished and that swimmers behave in a way which reflect our Club expectations

Download Gala Schedule

"Open Meets"

Coming Soon 2022

What is an "Open Meet"?

An Open Meet is a licensed event that allows the swimmer to compete against other swimmers of a similar age and capability. The times achieved at an Open Meet are officially recognised by Swim England which can them lead to qualification for County, Regional and National events.....if you are fast enough..

These events are targeted by the club and attended by other club swimmers, the coaching and support team.  An open meet can take place over at least a full day or even a weekend. 

Talk to our coaching team for advice on which club targeted open meets you should attend and which events to compete in.

The club encourages all swimmers to take part in open meets to gain experience and improve personal best times. For more information, please see the separate page on open meets.


Guide to the four levels of licensed meets (source:

1. Level 1 Meets are long course (50m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into National, Regional and County Championships. 

2. Level 2 Meets are short course (25m) only and cover Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into Regional and County Championships in short course. 

3. Level 3 Meets are long and short course events. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve times for entry into Regional and County Championships and other Meets at Level 1 or Level 2. 

4. Level 4 Meets are entry level events in pools 25m or greater. Our club galas are a good example. They give a wider range of swimmers the opportunity to compete and record times for entry into County championships and Level 2 and 3 open meets. 

You will note from the above that you can only qualify for certain competitions if you are racing at either Level 1 or Level 2 meets. We have an incredibly talented group of swimmers at Lichfield, and entering Level 1 meets is excellent for the development of any athlete. 

It gives them experience of competing in a Long Course pool, which is vital where all high level meets happen in a Long Course set up. Further to that, because of the need to qualify in the first place for a Level 1 meet - and subsequently where participation at such a meet will lead - swimmers will be competing against the best. 

There is a real level of prestige and achievement attached to competing at a meet of this nature, and it's something that the Head Coach would really like our swimmers to experience. 

Participating in Level 1 or Level 2 meets also opens up opportunities to competition that can't be accessed when only entering lower levels.

If you have any further questions please contact our club support team.

Download Open Meets Schedule

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